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Friday, September 17, 2010

Opening Ceremony

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Dear guests,
have you ever read a book before?...

(what kind of question is that?)
A question intended to make you think, my dear guests. Now, have you ever read a book before?
........(sound of crickets in the night)...
Oh! How silly of me! Of course I cannot know your replies. This is afterall, a virtual space, not a real one.
Anyhow, I am confident that Malaysians are nationals who love to read books, right? (smiles)

When someone reads a book, what is the first thing he/she does?
Why, open it of course!

By opening it, only then can a person start to read. If he does not open it, how is he going to read its contents?

Events have the same nature too.
Events like IKOD10.

IKOD10's official opening ceremony will begin on Saturday, 9th October 2010. 
As mentioned, it will be the official ceremony marking the launching of IKOD10. However, some of IKOD10's activities will have already begun the day before, which will be Friday, 8th October 2010. You can check the complete list of events here.

Here is the flow of events scheduled to unfold on the Opening Ceremony:

8.30am  : Arrival of guests
9.00am  : Arrival of VVIP
9.30am  : Opening remarks by MC and recitation of surah Al-Fatihah
9.35am  : Quranic recitation
9.45am  : Speech by the Rector of IIUM
9.55am  : Speech by the Programme Manager of IKOD10
10.00am : Speech by Ministry of Higher Education Minister (Dato' Seri Khaled Noordin*)
10.20am : Launching session
10.35am : Performance – Pentomime / Theatre
10.50am : Appreciation Token Giving Ceremony
10.55am : Du’a recitation
11.00am : Tour to the exhibition booths and lunch

*still in confirmation process

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