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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Al-Qisah Competition (AQC)

edited on September 17, 2010 at 1:45pm

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Once upon a time...

there was this competition.

Oops! Wrong grammar..:)

This competition has not started yet. So..the correct sentence would be:

One day in the not too distant future, a competition will be held.

What kind of competition?

A story telling competition. Hence the name: Al-Qisah competition (AQC).


1. Instill Islamic values through story telling competition
2. Exposing students' talents
3. Increasing ukhuwah/bonds between IIUM undergraduates with the community

Background Information

AQC is organized under IIUM Kuantan Campus and Student's Representative Council (SRC) with cooperation from IIUM Facilitator Team, which is open to primary school students (standard 4 until 6) around Kuantan. 

It will be conducted in two languages, Bahasa Melayu and English.

The theme of the stories is based on moral values (nilai-nilai murni) like patience, honesty, trustworthiness, humble, responsible, and generous from stories found in Al-Quran, and stories from the time of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his companions.

Programme details

Date: 9th October 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: Main Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Medicine, IIUM
Time: 9.00 am

Programme tentatives:

0830    Arrival of guests (VIP, judges and spectators)

0900    Speech by Programme Manager

0930    Round 1

1030    Break

1100    Round 2

1200    Special performance by IIUM Facilitator Team

1215    Prize giving ceremony

1230    Photography session and disperse

*changes to events are applicable

So, don't miss out on this special event, to see young muslims and muslimahs, our next generation of leaders, showing their talents! And may we get iktibar/good lesson from the stories that our little brothers and sisters will choose on 9th October 2010...

Quickly! Write down on your calendars on 9th October 2010 for this special event! 

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