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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Final Preparations

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

What wee see...is usually the end result.

The canopies are erected.
Events will be proceeding as planned.
Everything seems smooth and steady, alhamdulillah.

But do we ever wonder, what happened BEFORE the end result?

Did we ever wonder..what goes behind the scenes?

Each committee member, whether big in job status or not, whether his/her job scope is little or huge, however small his/her role seems to be, plays an important part in preparing for IIUM Kuantan Open Day 2010.

Through the past month or so, everybody must have put in a lot of effort in ensuring a smooth workflow between divisions and central bureaus, and between administration and student societies in IIUM Kuantan.
Let's all see this event until the end. (Buat kerja biarlah sehingga ke akhirnya. Usahlah dibiarkan separuh jalan. Sempurnakanlah yang masih berbaki.)

Of course problems occur.

But do not let problems become the 'solution'. Do not let problems stop us in fulfilling this amanah by Allah Taala. Let's all solve it as best as we can, together insya-Allah.

Less than 24 hours before the big event, these are the visible faces working hard in setting up the venues (and canopies)...the faces of IP (IIUM Properties)...

Preparation and Technical work.. 

Busy with arranging tables and chai

A canopy skeleton

One of the student committee discussing with IP staff

Working with a smile (posing for the camera?) =

Electricity is running well (alhamdulillah)

'Crime scene invetigation'..

In front of KOM (Kulliyyah of Medicine)...

Main stage...68%...

Exhibition booths

At KOP (Kulliyyah of Pharmacy)...

KOP's foyer/main lobby = Book fair

Exam Hall 1 = PC fair

Even IIUM traffic unit (?) is busy...


4WD...(where are the people???)
These are just some of the visible activities in IIUM Kuantan campus. Thanks are also due to all IKOD10 committee members who are working behind the scenes...

So, student committees and admin, let's finish what we started together! 

"1 Ummah"

"Promoting Excellence & Knowledge to the Ummah"

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